1: I need to lose a couple of kilos first 

This would have to be the most common reason we hear.  Unfortunately, a lot of the women who think that they need to lose weight before their session are really just afraid they won’t like what they see in their photos. However, what you think you will see in your photos, is completely different to how we will make you look in your photos.  Now, we would never want to try and discourage you from embarking on a weight loss journey, especially if it is for your health and emotional well-being.  But believe me when I tell you that you DON’T need to lose weight just to look good in photos.  We truly believe that every woman is beautiful just the way she is right now.  Therefore think about and remember this.  A Boudoir photography sessions has a team of professionals who are with you every step of the way on the day of your shoot to assist you.  Firstly our professional hair and makeup artists prepare you prior to your photo shoot and provide you with the extra confidence boost to have you feeling and looking ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!  Then our professional Boudoir photographers take charge.  We know exactly how to utilize different lighting techniques, and how to pose all types of body shapes and sizes to enhance everyone's best features.  With the end results being when you view your photos and wonder who is the stunning BOMBSHELL in the photos.

2: I am just not photogenic 

This is another common myth that we hear our clients say.  I touched on this subject in last months blog too.  But just to reiterate what I said last month. People don't take bad photos, it is your previous photographers that took bad photos that have left you now thinking you are not photogenic.  A professional Boudoir photographer can take amazing stunning photos of ANY woman no matter her shape, size or experience.  Because that is what Boudoir photographers are trained to do.  In-fact we actually pass on our years of experience to our clients during their shoots by coaching and directing them how to correctly pose. Our goal is to make your poses look completely natural, almost candid.  We cannot achieve the looks we want in your photos without coaching you into the poses.   The pose coaching also allows you to relax and not have to worry about looking awkward or unnatural.  We guarantee that when you see our Boudoir images you will never again think of yourself as being not photogenic.

3: I don’t own any lingerie because I don't look or feel sexy wearing it 

Another myth about Boudoir is that it involves just being photographed in lingerie.  Well here is a small list of what past clients have worn during their Boudoir shoots:

  • Bikini's or 1 Piece Swimmers
  • Men's Business Shirt
  • Work Boots & Denim Shorts
  • Western Shirt, Jeans, Boots and Cowboy Hat
  • Tank tops
  • Camisoles
  • Leather Jackets
  • Satin Robes
  • or just wrapped in a white bed sheet

It' does NOT matter what you wear, because it will still capture your personality and beauty. But why not use this as a great opportunity to go shopping and get yourself something new, perhaps some lingerie.  Step out of your comfort zone and GIVE IT A GO!

4: What if my partner doesn't like my photos

Unless your partner has severe eyesight problems, trust me, your partner will LOVE your images.  Your partner already loves you for the person you are, and as they see you everyday.  But at your Boudoir session we will be photographing you looking even more amazing, sexy and confident.  What partner wouldn’t appreciate such gorgeous images of the woman they love.

5: I am very shy and I don’t know how to be sexy

This is actually perfect for Boudoir!  Because it is a lot easier to photograph clients who don’t have any definitive idea or interpretation of what “sexy” looks like.  Once again just like with the pose coaching. Our photographers can direct you or provoke different thoughts that will effortlessly capture a sexy expression from you.  Wait until you see your photos and then try again to tell me that you are shy and that you don't know how to be sexy!

6: My photos will appear online and everyone will see me


All of the photos displayed on our web page, blog posts, Social Media, advertising and our newsletter are all women that have legally granted us written consent by way of a Model Release Form to display their images, so that other women can see the potential beauty that lies within them.  Prior to the photo shoot commencing EVERY client signs a Model Release Form that either grants or denies us the rights to showcase your beautiful images.  It is completely your choice whether you want your images to remain completely private or whether we can display them publicly. But rest assured we will NEVER EVER display your images without consent from you, because it is illegal for us to do so.

7: Boudoir photography is expensive and I can’t afford a boudoir shoot

Yes Boudoir photography can be very expensive, and every client's financial situation is different. BUT there are a couple of points that I would like to say.  Firstly, you may not be in a position right at this moment to invest hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars towards your Boudoir shoot. But we can still assist in making your dream of having a Boudoir shoot come true.  Simply by selecting a photo package that fits comfortably within your budget and by setting up a payment plan for you.  Secondly,  you can save up for a photo shoot just like you would if you wanted to go on a vacation, or buy that really nice pair of shoes you want!  A Boudoir photo session is an investment, it is something you may only have the chance to do once in your life.  What price do you put on having an amazing confidence-boosting, unforgettable life changing and empowering experience, and get quality images that you can cherish for a lifetime of memories.  You can have it, you just have to WANT IT!

8: I am way too old now to have boudoir photos taken

I'm sorry but I am not aware that there is an age rule for Boudoir photo shoots.  You are NEVER too old to feel special, appreciated or beautiful.   You have no doubt embraced who you are throughout your long life's many beautiful stages.  Why should you stop doing so now?  Obviously, you may not be that same girl that you were back in your teens or 30's, because now you’re even better…you’re a woman.  A strong, beautiful, independent woman that will not let something like AGE dictate what she can and cannot do.  Brush AGE aside and do it because you WANT TOO & BECAUSE YOU CAN!

9: I don’t feel comfortable getting naked in front of strangers

Again this is another common fear factor.  But Boudoir photography does NOT mean that you have to be nude.  Yes, some clients choose to have nude photos taken of themselves during their session.  But most nudity in Boudoir is implied nudity. Which means that you will still be covered in all of your photographs.  There is a slow progression during your session which leads to how revealing you want your portraits to be. From fully clothed right through to to a tasteful and classy "Fine Art" ILLUSION of nudity. But your session is determined by your own level of comfort.  The important thing to remember is that we will never have you do a pose or wear an outfit that you are not comfortable with. If you want to do some nude shots and you can feel comfortable showing more skin in front of the camera then GO FOR IT!.  In most cases though you will be wearing more during your Boudoir shoot session than you would for a day at the beach.

10: But I don't have a boyfriend and I’m not married

Here is a little SECRET.  Boudoir is more for YOU than it is for anyone else. A Boudoir photo shoot is about realizing your beauty. It is one of the most incredible and empowering things a woman can experience. Having amazing portraits of yourself looking absolutely ravishing is nothing short of a life changing experience.  It is not only an emotional experience for each women, but it is also very emotional for us as photographers too.  Because during your Boudoir journey starting from the first consultation we have with you. We get to know you.  We may at first meet you as the shy, self conscious, scared client.  But as the session progresses we watch confidence levels grow.  As time goes by, photo by photo clients continue to blossom and become stronger. Obviously we can see what the end image results are going to look like, but clients cannot.   However, when we reveal the gorgeous stunning images for the first time to our clients, they are usually overcome with emotion. We too quiet often shed tears with our clients because we have also been on their life changing journey with them. Boudoir photography is that much of am amazingly powerful experience, that it touches everyone involved with the session, and we LOVE sharing these amazing and empowering life changing experiences with every clients.

I hope that we have covered the most common reasons that we know our clients have at some point told themselves, and us.

Essentially you have a fear of the unknown, but now that it is no longer “unknown” what have you got left be afraid of!

The time to act is now and you CAN do this.  Because you can't spell "cannot" without CAN!