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New Studio Space – A word from the photographer

Why open a studio during Covid?  Why in this uncertain time was it right for us to take the plunge, set up and move to a whole new area for business?  Well, not only was the business being limited for space by our home studio set up.  But my father always used to say to me "that you will never know the outcome of anything unless you try".  So, in remembrance of his wisdom we now have new studio space in Annerley. 


Our new studio space is conveniently located at 22 Laurier Street Annerley.  Between Ipswich & Annerley roads.  Just two blocks south of the PA Hospital. Very conveniently for the area, we also have our own onsite parking for clients and visitors.

Studio Space Layout

I am insanely proud of what we have accomplished in setting up the new studio space.  It was difficult and the design of it gave us all headaches many times.  The building is 115 years old and used to be a Mechanics workshop!  It still has a lot of the old workshop equipment mounted inside the building.  So, trying to incorporate high end photography into an old building, without losing any of the buildings old charm and character. Was a huge design challenge for us to achieve.

Primarily our shooting space is set up for Boudoir Photography and as said above it was a challenge to organize this space. Offering other genres as well to ensure that any kind of photography could be achieved to the greatest effect and impression. We encourage all clients and potential clients to come down and have a look at what we have set up. So far, we have not had a request yet that we could not accommodate!

Not only do we love the studio, but the feedback we have received has been so positive and really gratifying.  It is not the crisp, white, clean, cold clinical looking studio many other photographers use.  That can be a very professional backdrop for a photographer’s artwork.  But I find I do prefer the warmth and old charm character that the new studio space provides.  Our goal is always to provide a warm, welcoming, positive, and empowering space. For all to come and feel beautiful and confident in front of the camera.

To create this, we obtained a wide variety of new backdrops, and props, and everything within the shooting area is on wheels.  I feel that we definitely achieved the results we were going for.  Confirmed by the fact that we have already had interest from a local band that loves the old rustic look of our studios interior, and wants to setup to do a shoot with us in the future.  Which will mean for us moving out all the props (so we are very happy we went with the wheels!).

I have many favourite parts of the new space but perhaps my 3 favourite props are as follows:

Poison Ivy – our huge green Kawasaki road bike that sits in the corner against a red brick wall backdrop is stunning and VERY EYE CATCHING.

The Old Claw Foot Bath – sits in another corner underneath an old vintage air compressor.  This is going to be very popular for our “Milk Bath” shoots.  Who doesn't love the sexy look and curves of a Claw Foot Bath!

Our Vintage Timber Bed – everyone (including our competitors) raves about our bed.   We set this up against the huge floor to ceiling fire engine red double barn doors.  It’s honestly worth coming into the studios just to see the bed. Many of our boudoir clients have had their shoots on this bed, it so photogenic.  We guarantee that you wont find a sexier looking bed for you to show of your own sexy on.

I highly encourage anyone interested to come in and have a (no-obligation!) look at our studios and have a chat with myself about what kind of shoot you may be interested in.  To celebrate the opening of our new studios we are offering some amazing specials on ALL photo shoots and Collection products.  So come in to take advantage of these specials! 

We are non-discriminatory, non-judgmental and extreamley proud to say that we are LGBTQI+ friendly. Welcome any and all!