ChantelleHi, I'm Chantelle Woodrow - Photographer

My passion for photography was passed down to me through generations of photographers in my family. 

From a very early age, I showed an interest in photography. Through intently watching my family members taking photos, I quickly learnt how to use a camera.  It wasn’t long before I received my first camera as a gift, at about the age of 8 or 9.  From that day forward, nobody has been able to stop me taking photos.  Over the years I learnt a lot of my photography skills from my father Darren Woodrow. He too is a photographer, and director of our business.  

During my final years at high school I took photography classes. It was at about that time when my true passion for photography really took off. Confirming within myself that photography was the career path I wanted to follow.  Up until taking the photography class, I was just a young kid who liked to take photos. 

Since then I have completed studies and gained my Diploma qualifications in Photo-Imaging through the International Photography Institute. This taught me so many more new, and exciting techniques. I now have even more skills and techniques that that I never knew before. It was also an amazing experience to not only be taught by, but have my own photography work critiqued by a world renowned professional photographer. To come away from my studies with confirmation that my photography can hold its own up against other more seasoned photographers, is very gratifying, and a huge confidence boost.

As a professional photographer my photography interests, skills, and talents are quiet varied and cover all genres.  But what I really enjoy capturing the most  in my spare time is wildlife, nature, sunrises and sunsets. 

DarrenHi, I'm Darren Woodrow - Director & Senior Photographer

Just like my daughter Chantelle.  I too started in photography at the age of about 7 or 8.  Back in the days when cameras used film and they had old disposable flash cubes. 

My father was an amazing amateur photographer himself.  And pretty much everything I learnt about photography in the earlier days, I learnt from my father. Now days though with modern digital cameras photography itself has become a whole lot easier. However the art and skill of professional photography is never easy  That is why we are always looking to find and improve new and exciting techniques with our photography.

Coming from the old school of photography I tend to specialize and love doing B&W photography.  This form of photography has been regularly used over my last 30+ years experience doing Boudoir & Glamour photography for my clients advertising and modelling portfolios. The Boudoir & Glamour photoshoots is the main area within our business that I specialise, and concentrate most of my photoshoot time these days.  But being a country boy, you will also catch me out west in the bush doing some old style rustic and sunset photography whenever I have any free time.  I also love doing Low Lighting night photography. 

On the rare occasions when Chantelle and I actually get to work together professionally on photoshoots. It is always very special and rewarding for me.  However it is also just as much fun when we go out on weekends and just spend time together taking random photos of whatever we can find.

Why choose Chantelle Louise Photography?

We both see Photography as an Art-form. Which allows us both to creatively express ourselves by putting our words and thoughts into stunning imagery.

Boudoir photography is also another way to tell the story that everyone has.

What makes Boudoir photography so special and rewarding to us is that every person has a different story that wants or needs to be told.

We love clients giving us the opportunity to tell their stories. By going on their empowering Boudoir journey with them and capturing those special moments in time. 

Moments that can then be treasured for life. 

"It's time for you to shine lovelies"

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