To say that I am glad that 2016 is now over would be an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, it had some great times but it was definitely a roller coaster.

In February, I started 12 months of extensive online studies to obtain a Diploma of Photo Imagery through the International Photography Institute. That alone had its moments.

When I started my course, business had picked up and I ended up balancing quite a busy start to the year. With plenty of photoshoots and events that I had the privilege of photographing. One of them being the Australian Future of General Practice conference in at the Brisbane Hilton. It was a three-day event and after they had received the photos, I had found out that my photos were going to be published in the Australian Doctors magazine. With one of my photos making the front cover! Jumping for joy doesn’t even start to explain just how excited I was!

Autumn was a busy time for family photoshoots. I always love having the opportunity to be able to capture the special moments in families lives. The love that is expressed for one another which always shows in the photos that they receive back.

As the weather started to cool down and winter made an appearance, things started to slow down which allowed me to bring my focus back to my studies. There were times where I got distracted and started falling behind a little. But that would always change when I had some close family members remind me why I started studies in the first place. I have always had trouble staying on track whenever it came to any form of schooling. There were times where I would doubt myself and think that I can’t finish what I had started. These emotions would come and go throughout the year, but I always manage to push through. I may have had to remind myself what I would get out of it in the long run, not only personally but academically too.

Towards the end of Winter, I got to photograph a baby shower but with the weather warming up it gave me the chance to go exploring for some new places to take photos. Some new business opportunities had also arisen. Through which I discovered 3D interactive Virtual Tours, which have been a hit with clients so far.

November was a big month. I celebrated turning 21 and had plenty of photoshoots lined up. I got to photograph a close friend’s year 12 formal, along with her younger sister who graduated from primary school. Then there was also a twin’s birthday party which I captured. At the same time, I was also down to my last assignment. I was finally down to being one assignment away from graduating myself.

With the festive season here and everyone preparing for Christmas and spending time with their families, it was another busy month. Getting the last of the Christmas presents and not to mention all the wrapping that had to be done. Trying to get family members to open their presents early because even though I knew what they were, I wanted them to know already too. However they stayed strong and everyone had to wait until Father Christmas himself had made an appearance before any presents were to be opened. Having submitted my assignment a few weeks prior to Christmas, I had awoken on Christmas morning to find that I had finished my course and now held an International Diploma in Photography. I couldn’t have been anymore prouder in that moment and everyone in the house had to know. Even if it wasn’t 8 o’clock yet.

Like every other year, we spent the morning opening our presents and then was off to pay a visit to the rest of the family. I ate more than I should have, laughed until I cried, and loved more than what my heart could possibly handle.

2016 gave me mistakes to learn from, gave me confidence in who I am and my photography, let me meet some amazing clients and their families, and had let me achieve some big milestones. It pushed me to my limits but it defiantly didn’t break me.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and here is to the New Year! 2017 is going to be for bigger, better, and brighter things!!