After 35+ years as general photographers we have photographed anything and everything. So it is very safe to say that we have seen it all.

But within our specialist area of Boudoir/Glamour photography, the one subject that we discuss or have questions about the most from our Boudoir/Glamour clients, both (male and female) is NERVES.  However, in a lot of cases, the “nervousness” is actually not “nerves” but more so “anxiety”.  Which is coming from the clients mind and own perception that they have “flaws” with their bodies or appearance.

So let me just start by quashing that thought for you right away by saying. Everyone is beautiful regardless of their physical appearance, body size, religion, or race.

We do not judge our clients by appearance, body size, sexual preference, religion, race, what they do for work, or how much money they earn.

All of that is irrelevant!


The three clients in the following photos all came to us as first timers wanting Boudoir/Glamour shoots.  As you will also see, Boudoir/Glamour shoots are not always done in a dimly lit bedroom with skimpy lingerie.  The three clients all had one thing in common.  They were ALL at the point of being physically sick as a result of working themselves up so much about their “appearance” in the days and weeks leading up to their shoots.  More astounding for one client in particularly, because she is an Australian Female Champion Body Builder.

Every one of these clients also said the most common two things we hear.  “I am carrying a couple of extra kilos and not happy with my body”  and ” I hate having my photo taken because I never look good in photos”  They were all for want of a better phrase, scared shit less.

Just to quickly cover these two most common client fears.

  • Body size, shape, weight is all irrelevant in Boudoir/Glamour photography.  Why? Because it is our job to bring out the best in you.  Which comes from years of experience in knowing how to set, pose, and light all models or subjects for the ultimate results.
  • OK so you say “You hate having your photo taken because you don’t look good in photos”.  Why? Simply because the photographers have taken bad photos.  Again it comes down to knowing how to set, pose and light a subject.  If a photographer doesn’t have attention to detail. Of course you are going to look bad in photos. But it is NOT your fault.
  • I will let you be the judge of the results from these images of very nervous scared first timers.











In each of these three client examples, we overcome their major “nervousness / anxiety” simply by doing their photo shoots in locations that they felt more comfortable. 

We make shoots fun for clients.

You may not be able to tell, but do you think they look scared and nervous, or relaxed in the photos?

Boudoir/Glamour photo shoots have now become an addiction for them all. 





Taking the Plunge

OK, so you have decided to take the plunge and are about to or have already booked your very first Boudoir/Glamour photo shoot.  Congratulations, you will love the experience.

Below is a list that will assist you with booking your photographer or in the days/weeks leading up to your photo shoot

Choose your Photographer carefully!!

These days, with the modern technology point and shoot cameras, or even mobile phone cameras for that matter. Anyone can say they are a professional Boudoir Photographer.

But go through the check list

  • Have you seen their work?
  • Have you spoken to them on the telephone or in person?
  • Are they flexible with YOUR requirements?
  • Do you know what style of photography they specialize in or where they shoot?
  • Most “unprofessional” photographers will claim that they specialize in shooting in natural light.  But then (as an example) turn up at a Hotel room shoot location with a huge studio flash setup.  Using a flash is NOT natural light photography.
  • Do they have client testimonials?  If they do not display or refuse to provide any of their client testimonials on request.  MOVE ON!!
  • Do they offer guarantees of a re-shoot should they lose your photos or suffer an equipment malfunction.  YES unfortunately it does happen sometimes.
  • Are they offering a FREE photo shoot?  BEWARE!!
  • Professional photographers make a living by charging for their services.  We either make money on the shoot, or by the image.  But nothing is ever FREE.
  • If the deal sounds to good to be true, BEWARE!!

These are all very relevant points.  Because you are about to make a considerable investment in a very special and rewarding experience. Which can turn very bad quickly if  you make the wrong choice. You want to make sure you are spending your money wisely!

The saying goes “you get what you pay for” Which is so true when it comes to photographers.

However, in the photography world it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dearest price means they are the best either. So please, do your research.

Ask Questions

Have you ever heard the saying “There is no such thing as a dumb question”?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, about anything and everything.
  • This is not the time to be shy or scared.
  • If there is something in particular you are concerned about ask.
  • This way we can discuss and if need be work through your concerns with you.
  • We want you going into your shoot without anything worrying you.
  • We want you totally relaxed and not at all self conscious, so please ask ask ask away!

Book your shoot for after that time of the month

We don’t need to explain it, but nobody feels glamorous  when it is that time of the month.  It is very hard to be sexy if you are just feeling bloated or in pain! So take the time to work out when that difficult time is and book your shoot for the following week. This also avoids you having to reschedule your shoot.  Which could mean another 2-4 week wait


Different photographers will tell you different things about “spray tanning”  Because some photographers just don’t care.  But we care and have a strong rule about spray tanning.

  • If you do spray tan do it a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your photo shoot.
  • DO NOT do it a day or 2 before.
  • WHY?  Because the pigments that are used in spray tanning reacts to light. In certain light the tanning can turn orange.  The pigment under certain light conditions can also cause unevenness with the lighting on the skin.
  • We want your skin to look as smooth, clean, and naturally glowing as possible.
  • In nearly all cases, any image issues cause be spray tanning CANNOT be fixed in post editing
  • Unless you are going for a healthy orange look in your photos DO NOT spray tan just prior to your shoot.

Prepare for your shoot the day before

This is your day to get everything all in order.

  • Wax, and moisturize!  Try to avoid shaving if possible.  Shaving rash is very hard to deal with in post editing.
  • Get your hair touched up or arrange to have it done on the morning of your shoot
  • Pamper yourself.  Remember that every little detail will show up in your images.
  • If you are not sure, am I prickly, and I not prickly, deal with it to be sure.  You don’t want to look at your images later and think damn! I should have…
  • Your photographer will not detect every little detail about you or your outfits.  But the camera will.
  • Check all your outfits.  The last thing you want is to find out on the day that half an outfit is missing.
  • Avoid alcohol and salt on the day prior to your shoot.  These only assist in drying out your skin.  We want it looking hydrated, fresh and glowing
  • Get a good nights sleep.

What to Bring

Bring everything even if you don’t think you will need it.  I bet you will

  • There is no such thing as bringing to many outfits, accessories, or props to your Boudoir/Glamour shoot.  You may not wear all the outfits, but if we see something that would work well in a particular location. That is just another bonus for you.  The more the better!
  • Water!  Everyone knows that we need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day!
  • Water refreshes and hydrates your skin which is perfect for photos.

Select outfits that suit your body shape

  • Simple piece of advice!
  • No matter the size or shape of your body. When you wear clothes that flatter your size and shape you will look and feel amazing every time!

Bring Your Sexy

Boudoir/Glamour photography is all about making you look sexy and glamorous.

  • Photographers cannot capture “sexy” if you are not feeling “sexy”
  • If you are feeling sexy it will certainly show in your photos, so flaunt it.
  • Remember, the camera can only capture what it sees. If you are flirty and playful, or perhaps have a sensual seductive look, then the camera will capture it.
  • The eyes are the windows to your soul.  As a smile is the pathway to happiness.  If you are scared and can’t smile, your eyes can’t give the sexy look we aim to capture
  • If you have got it flaunt it.

Relax and Enjoy!

YES, I know it is way harder than it sounds.  But believe me if you can be relaxed you will enjoy your session even more.

  • You will have already pampered yourself in preparation for your shoot. So you should be well on the way to looking and feeling great!
  • When you arrive at the shoot we just have a casual chat, see how you are feeling, and have a look at your outfits.
  • We then show you around the shoot location, talk about what we have in mind and what we think will suit which of your outfits best from what we have just seen.
  • Once the shooting starts, so does the fun!  I guarantee within the first 5 minutes all your worries will be gone and you will really have a fabulous experience.
  • During the entire shooting process we will be giving you directions.  We will also be setting and posing you. At certain times we will be need to be hands on to get you into the perfect pose.
  • Buy the end of the shoot you will feel so empowered, that you will want to do another shoot.

Be it Naughty or Nice whatever your Boudoir/Glamour shoot requirement.

We would love to collaborate with you and make it a pleasurable experience to remember.