fim image digital conversions
film image digital conversions

Film image digital conversions of old vintage film or photography media is becoming more and more popular these days. </FONT COLOR>

Film image digital conversions of your precious 8mm or Super8 silent films, 35mm Slides & Negatives, or vintage Prints to professionally enhanced Digital Files, Print or stunning Wall Art Collections.

These days, film image digital conversions of old vintage film or photography media is becoming more and more popular than ever before. 

As younger generations are now discovering precious memories and treasures that have been left behind by previous generations of dearly departed relatives.

DON'T wait until it's to late act TODAY!.  Let us digitally SAVE your precious family memories or other historically significant moments forever.  Old film in particular is VERY VULNERABLE TO MOLD

Vintage film, slides, negatives and prints are not things that you should just hand over to anyone to attempt the delicate process of digital converversions for you.  You should ONLY use a reputable professional photography business. Experienced in working with and handling such sensitive fragile media.  Chantelle Louise Photography are multi generational photographers, old schooled in vintage photography and film.  Therefore, we not only have the experience, but also the CORRECT machines and equipment required to preserve and convert your precious media.


Our Processes


All film, slides, and negatives is carefully inspected & hand-cleaned before conversion. (We do NOT repair broken or breaking film) We will immediately contact clients if any broken or breaking film is detected.

NB: Any mould we may find on media can also be cleaned, but additional charges apply. It is important to note that this extra charge is done for our scan technicians' health & safety. We cannot convert mouldy film without cleaning it first. Any damage the mould may have caused to the film is irreversible. However, in most cases the mould forms on the edges of the frame leaving the centre of the picture still viewable.

Digitising Process:

Our standard offering is frame-by-frame scanning of Regular 8mm or Super 8 silent films, Photo Slides, 35mm Photo Film/Negatives and Vintage Prints. Delivered as archive quality movie files in Full High Definition 1080p resolution (minimum), OR Full High Definition JPG image files. 

Films and Images are converted to MPG4 or JPG as an easy-to-share option. Watchable on the widest range of modern devices, including most newer TVs.

Freight / Transport:

As our conversion services are offered Australia wide. It isn't always going to be possible to drop your order off to our studios in Crestmead QLD 4132. Therefore Free RETURN Shipping is available to all clients outside of the greater Brisbane area! Below is the details of how you can qualify for this generous return shipping offer!

• Free Trackable Shipping (Return Journey ONLY) for all purchases over $150.00!

It's really simple: If your purchase is over $150.00, and you're located outside of the greater Brisbane area, we'll pick up the tab for the outbound (return journey ONLY). Trackable postage via Australia-wide. Please use our special promo code "SHIP-FREE" at the time of ordering to receive this offer.

When sending us your precious media items. We highly recommend that clients use "REGISTERED Australia Post" Pre-Paid Satchels (or Express Satchels if you prefer). These are a flat rate price Australia-wide and can be TRACKED. If you DO want to use a box. It will usually still be cheaper to place the box inside a pre-paid satchel, especially if you are interstate. 


The Greater Brisbane area is defined as and including Brisbane City & Suburbs, Moreton Bay Regional Council area, Redlands Shire, Logan City & Ipswich City.

Terms & Conditions


    • We ask for a 50% part payment (deposit) of the quoted total job price before work commences. 

Job Turnarounds 

    • To keep things as fair as possible,  for regular timeframe projects your job will go into our queue of work and will be attended to in turn according to job numbers. There will be NO provisions made to clients for queue jumping urgent work. We're always very busy, dealing with very old, obsolete media. Usually in a wide range of physical conditions. With widely differing play durations. Which must be played through in a little slower than real time (we know of no high-speed film digitizing system).  Predicting timeframes is not an exact science. It's simply not possible to precisely allow for unforeseen issues that may occur in your job. Or in the jobs preceding yours in the queue.
    • We do aim at estimated turnaround targets. However, we ask for your patience with us on this. To do the best possible job, and to do it at a reasonable price, means it can't also be done quickly. We can choose only two of the above three, and we're certainly NOT WILLING to cut corners on quality. If you have a looming deadline or event, please let us know, and we can discuss some POSSIBLE options with you.

Digital Storage Devices 

    • We provide high quality high definition USB sticks for additional cost.  We will NOT accept or use ANY USB or other storage devices provided by clients.  Simply because we do not know the quality of such storage devices, therefore, we can not gurantee their lifespan.

Final Payments 

    • Original and converted media is returned upon full payment. Unless prior arrangements have been made, we ask for final payments to be made within 7 days of invoicing.
    • We like to be as flexible as possible. We’re happy to work with you before commencement of the job to come to a mutually acceptable arrangement. But we do ask that if we have not made alternate arrangements with you before commencement, that you will honour our terms.