Wood prints are a very unique, unusual, yet beautiful way to display your special images. They make fantastic gifts for loved ones, or even an extra edition to any of our photo shoot packages.  Not to mention that wood prints are also an awesome conversation piece once your family and friends see them.


We use a very unique chemical process that enables photos to be printed directly onto most all types and sizes of wood and timbers. This process doesn’t allow the ink to bleed and disappear into the wood over time. They are pretty awesome.


The natural, beautiful wood grain shines through on all of our unique one of a kind creations. White colors in photos aren’t actually printed, therefore lighter colors become almost totally transparent. This allows more of the wood grain to be visible. The opposite is less wood grain is visible through the really darker colors within the photos. Therefore, images that have lighter colors and tones produce a more stunning wood grain affect. The edges will always show off the simple beautiful wood patterns though.


Obviously, the grain of each piece of wood or timber used is unique. Therefore, each print we produce is also unique. No two will ever be alike. Even if we print the exact same image, no two will ever be alike on the wood. That’s what makes them so amazing and special.


Because of the different wood or timbers that we can use, most people prefer to leave the framing or display of their images up to us to decide on.  But before we even begin producing, we always sit down with the client and go through all the different ways that we can print images. Then we also discuss different options on how we can frame or display the images. Usually at this point clients have a better understanding and can begin providing their own input and ideas into the printing and framing process.

Most people think that this form of printing is just about achieving a typical Rustic / Colonial look.  Far from it!! Yes, certain types of images or scenes do suit and look much better printed on wood. But anything is possible, with any image. It all comes down to matching your image with the right wood or timber. And of course your budget.  But just to give you an example though. A beautiful black and white wedding photo can turn out looking absolutely amazing when it is printed on a simple piece of wood.

These unique forms of art are just not limited to using the photos that we have taken for you.  As long as you have good quality and high resolution image files, usually we can print them onto wood or timber.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange for a consultation to discuss your photography requirements and wood prints options in more detail.  We will be more than happy to assist.

Below are just a few photos of our Wood Prints. There are a lot more completed Wood Prints that you can see in the Wood Prints album in our Portfolio galleries.

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wood print
wood print
wood print